Give to Powell What Belongs to Powell - March 2023 Monthly Issue of Crypto is Easy Listen now | In last month’s issue, I looked at narratives and why reality matters more than facts, charts, and projections. In this month’s issue, I reflect on cryptocurrency’s relationship with the legacy financial system. If you want to hear an auto-narration instead of my…
Weekly Rundown - March 19, 2023Listen now (7 min) | Shalom! שלום In last week’s rundown, I said there were two ways to resolve Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse. My government didn’t…
CZ strikes again
Weekly Rundown - March 12, 2023Listen now | On a Lark
Easy decisions
Weekly Rundown - March 5, 2023Listen now (5 min) | Binance not Silvergate
Binance again?
Weekly Rundown - February 26, 2023 Listen now (6 min) | Only two realistic scenarios
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