Crypto Savings: Referral Links

Quite a few platforms offer interest on your crypto and stablecoins. If you’re HODLing, you might as well get a little reward for doing so—with less risk and complexity than depositing into a DeFi protocol.

While there are lots of great platforms, I’ve used the six ones below. I threw in one rewards card, Fold, too. They’re all legit.

Tap each button to get free crypto for depositing with them. The exact amount will change from time to time, depending on what promotion they’re running.

(I spread my deposits across all of these platforms. That way, if one goes under, I lose only a little bit of money.)


Referral Link for


Referral Link for BlockFi


Referral Link for Celsius


Referral Link for Ledn


Referral Link for Voyager

Gemini Earn

Referral Link for Gemini Earn

Fold Card (Preload Debit Card w/ BTC Rewards)

Referral Link for Fold