Hi Mark, what about Abra?

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Simple earn on Binance offers flexible and locked term


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Hi Mark, Nexo seems to be the one platform left that I can use to add, trade and move crypto at will. Do you have any others that I would be able to use as a US citizen. Seems to me that "Big Brother" wants to control our crypto uses. CDC interest rates are very low and they have hold times. Celsius was a very good platform for earning and trading.

Thanks for answering


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Hi Mark. I have been very disappointed with the changes on BlockFi and Celsius. I can no longer add to my earn accounts unless I send paperwork to get accredited investor status. The parameters for that are astronomically high. My only choice now is Nexus or Crypto. Com. But that could also change soon. They say this is helping us, but BS it’s only shutting us out in favor of the big hitters. What to do


Tom S

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FWIW, I currently use CDC, Celsius, Ledn, Youhodler and NEXO. I did a pretty quick review of them all and ultimately decided to spread things around. I primarily use CDC and Celsius for CAD and the other 3 for BTC and USD coins. (Gemini, Voyageur etc are not available to Canadians)

Abra seemed like a pain to use compared to others, and I thought swaps were expensive; all for a less than average return. And Blockfi seemed ok, but the regulatory warnings they kept sending out, the below average rates and limited free withdrawals sent me elsewhere.

Tracking all the reward payments in the tax software that I use is a breeze for Celsius, requires a file download with CDC, Ledn and Nexo. And for YouHodler requires painful manually entry, or an email request to Youhodler for a CSV file. Youhodler for me, is annoying enough that I will likely transition to just the others in the new year.

I also have relatively small positions of US stable coins as UST (Anchor protocol), USDN (Waves exch.) and yvBoost (Yearn).

These deposits are all part of the cash allocation in my investment portfolio.

For the USDT I'm sitting on waiting to deploy, I generally leave it at YouHodler earning 12% because the transfers to Binance are easy and cheap as bep20 tokens.

No "science" or vast experience here; just a year of earning nice rewards on dollars that would otherwise be earning nothing (other than -6 to -10 % inflation) sitting in my bank.

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Hi Mark, there is some reason to not include Nexo in this list?

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