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Thanks. It’s to get a “peek”, not a “peak”. Regarding Aptos, I just lived through an experience you described: selling at 2x then watching it zoom past 6x. Sadly I don’t think it’s ever coming back down to 3 US again, leaving me priced out. Monthly token unlocks don’t move the needle either, each is 0.454% of total supply.

My theory is Aptos Labs used its deep pockets to perform a “token buy-back” to raise the APT price to levels comparable to other L1s. And I have absolutely no evidence to support that.

My only consolation is the SUI ICO, when it happens. Also DIEM alumni, but apparently its technology is vastly superior.

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Damn, I never had such a hard time answering a poll question!

Sometimes I feel better buying when price goes up a bit after price has been going down a lot for a long time. Other times I feel better buying when price goes down a bit after its been going up a lot for a long time.

And tbh, I never really have a neutral stance and "just buy" the way I would do with some perpetual growth dividend ETF in TradFi when I have the surplus money to add to my position.

This poll makes me uncomfortable lol. After 2.5 years, crypto, still, makes me uncomfortable. I need to process that and take some kind of stance.

If the poll had said "bitcoin" I would have chosen "when price goes down". If it said "Ethereum" I would have said "after price goes up" (a little). But "crypto" on the whole? I don't think I can answer that question with any certainty. It's like that meme with the 2 buttons that say "damned if you do" on one and "damned if you don't" on the other. And I'm standing there like 😰😰.

Gotta love this ride eh? :)

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Thanks for that, it's worth a try!

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