Weekend Rundown - November 14, 2021

Laws, inflation, and influencers


Happy Sunday!

Does anybody like that the total crypto market’s up only 8% so far this month?

No. You’re not in this market to see your investments go up 8% each month. At that rate, the value of your crypto will go up only 150% each year. You have bigger goals in mind.

This market will reward you for your patience. Sometimes, it will reward you for your impatience, too!

We all know bitcoin’s price will go way higher than today’s $65,000 at some point in the future. Some altcoins will deliver 10,000% returns over time. The question is how we get there and when.

Premium subscribers, you know my thoughts on that and what I’m doing now. If not, make sure you caught this week’s updates:

Quick poll:

If forced to answer yes or no, do you think bitcoin’s price will drop below $50,000 any time before December 31, 2021?

I’ll share the results—and my own answer to this question—in next week’s rundown. Read below for an article, a video, and a podcast you may enjoy.

I cleared some time on my schedule to take more video calls. As always, you can catch up with me on Superpeer whenever you want to consult.

Now you can also reach me on Ownnit, a company that just started up this year.

Reach me on Ownnit

With Ownnit, you pay no service fees. Superpeer has a small surcharge. I’m fine with either platform. You can also email me at mark@markhelfman.com any time.

Cryptocurrency Fans Should Stop Fearing Regulation

Bottom line: cryptocurrency is full of scams, shenanigans, and greedy, selfish people. As a result, it needs regulation to succeed.

My take: it’s an accurate observation but not helpful. You’ll find scams, shenanigans, and shitty people trying to screw you over in highly-regulated industries, too. But laws offers a place to start the conversation. Perhaps enough of a conversation that lawmakers and regulators will figure a way make good laws, repeal bad ones, and amend ones that could make the world a better place. It happens sometimes. Frankly, the world might benefit from the US government screwing up its crypto regulations. Then at least talent, money, and ingenuity will know that they need to stop fighting and just go somewhere else, for the benefit of humanity. 

Why we care: regulations can go both ways. Sometimes you get bad results, sometimes you get good results, but at least you know the rules and can act accordingly. For example, all those rug-pulls make it hard for legitimate projects to break through. Too easy to label everything a scam. Maybe there’s a way to clean that up? You will never know if you don’t try, and that means some sort of regulation, even if it’s self-enforced.

On the Margin podcast hosted Lyn Alden and Jurrien Timmer to talk about Bitcoin — The Ultimate Inflation Hedge.

They hit today’s macroeconomic situation from a lot of interesting angles, including a few points of comparison with the 1940s. Many people compare today’s global macroeconomic situation to the 1970s but you can find some interesting parallels with the WWII era.

Watch or Listen to the Podcast

Interesting take on crypto YouTubers from Matt’s Crypto. I don’t follow most of the people Matt mentions and I don’t necessarily share his tastes. I pass this video along in case you’re interested in checking out some channels you don’t already know about.

Relax and enjoy the ride!

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